Homebuyers & Homeowners Assistance

Housing Resource Center provides credit and mortgage counseling to potential homebuyers, along with foreclosure counseling to struggling homeowners. Talk to one of our certified counselors to find out how you can save money and make the most of your investment. We offer:

  • Foreclosure Prevention & Default Counseling
  • Homeownership Counseling, including pre-purchase & post-purchase
  • Access to Financial Assistance for foreclosure prevention
  • Coming soon: Homeownership Workshops

Housing Resource Center provides access to credit and mortgage counseling to potential homebuyers, along with foreclosure counseling to struggling homeowners.

Foreclosure Prevention & Default Counseling

Community in Action offers foreclosure prevention counseling for families and individuals
who anticipate having trouble making their mortgage payments and those who
already are in default. The counseling includes:

  • discussion of alternatives to foreclosure;
  • development of an individual action plan unique to each household;
  • analysis of each household’s unique financial situation;
  • referrals to resources that can help meet the client’s needs;
  • assistance by explaining how individuals can work with their loan servicer;
  • the basics of loan refinancing and loan modifications;
  • Oregon’s foreclosure regulations and timeline;
  • the ins and outs of the federal “Making Home Affordable” plan;
  • how to avoid common scams targeted at struggling home owners;
  • how a Housing Resource Center of Community in Action coach can help you.

Individuals can make an appointment to meet with a housing counselor for one-on-one coaching
after submitting a completed intake packet for foreclosure prevention. CinA is an intake agent for Oregon’s Hardest Hit Fund, including foreclosure prevention financial assistance programs provided by Oregon Housing Stabilization Initiative (OHSI). For more information on the programs, including eligibility and how to apply, visit OHSI’s website at www.oregonhomeownerhelp.org.

Homeownership Counseling

Counselors provide comprehensive individual counseling services to prospective homebuyers and existing homeowners. Private counseling sessions cover a broad array of areas related to the skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to qualify for, select, finance, buy, maintain, repair and keep a home.

Download Documents & Information packets. Contact CinA housing resource center for assistance. 541-889-9555. For more information on Help for Home Buyers & Home Owners resources, call 541-889-9555 or email info@communityinaction.info.

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